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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter for Dec.2012

En Route to Dec.21st "Great Galactic Alignment Portal"

The past 2 weeks between eclipses (Nov. 13-28th) has proven to the volatile time this astrologer had anticipated. I personally do not sense that we have in any way entered what a fellow astrolog termed a "bifurcation" on our evolutionary ascension staircase. Rather we are riding some kind of bridge between dimensions that can be perceived with the macroscopic/microscopic lens of present planetary transits.

Lets have a look:

The Planet Saturn is presently trolling through Scorpio between the 6th & the 7th degree (216/217). If you were a Greek or Hindu astrologer you would call Saturn the collective Lords of Karma. The Scorpio sector of the Zodiac deals with our shared economic & ecological resources, the wealth hidden within the Earth, Pluto being the guardian thereof. So the transit of Saturn through Scorpio could be seen as a series of karmic adjustments (like chiropractic adjustments) that bring down those who are in public roles allocating & mis-allocating financial & ecological resources.

(Witness the drama unfording with Toronto's "alligator skinned" Mayor at Google News).

Scorpionic themes force us to dig deep into the shadow (past life & collective karmic detritus) & summon Asclepios, the wounded healer, to work with us at the deepest collective shadow dream level. So we are in what John Perkins would call a huge planetary Dream Change. Or if you have been attuned to the news, a plethora of "regime changes".

What is happening & about to happen in Egypt & the Mideast is the catalyst here for some undeniable Planetary Alchemy. I went to Egypt last February, some time after the Tahrir Square Revolution that brought down Mubarek & brought in Morsi. I recently had a long chat with my Coptic Christian Egyptian travel agent (who would no doubt prefer to remanin anonymous unless you are planning to book a tour in 2013) about the destiny of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian ecomomy, Gaza (which was once part of Egypt & may be again) & the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. When I have a chance to look at M. Morsi's birthchart, I will report back! Ok, back to Alchemy. The Egyptians are Khemitians. Egyptian theurgy has to do with the power of sound, gnosis & working with what my friend & guide Abdel Hakim Awyan called the 360 Neters, perceptual senses/lenses. If you wish to learn more about Hakim's wisdom teachings, find yourself a copy of Steven Mehler's The Land of Osiris & visit the Egypt Gallery at re an upcoming Journey in fall of 2013, Ayn Sh'allah!!!

Ok, back to Saturn at 7 degrees of Scorpio. This elder astrologer, a student of Dane Rudhyar in the 70s, spent some 30 years researching star lore & number symbolism to put together an ancient/new degree symbol book due to an allergy he had with the so-called "Sabian" symbols that many young would-be astrologs tend to crib & riff upon! So what follows is my poem/oracle for what Saturn is doing at 217 degrees of the Zodiac:

In this season of global warming high tides wild fires... oil spills... our dependency on fossil fuels is making... fools & fossils... out of us all... Earth's polar glaciars are melting... until our Gulf Stream... disappears... great blue herons flying over the Arctic... hurricanes hitting Brazil... We are like eagles perched on hydro wires... gifting feathers to medicine men... who dream our execution... do a little espionage hhabibi.... our atmosphere is charged with alien particles.... You may be asked to feather the wind

Take refuge in the mountains

Well taking refuge is a tad different if you are a Buddhist.. but not a bad idea given Saturn's transit for another year+ through alchemical Scorpio!
The Aspects: Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto are engaged in what is technically called a Yod pattern, the Finger of God... 2 quincunxes & a sextile. The sextile is Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn... Very Shivite, so to speak! The Transformation of Consciousness, Culture & Currencies.... That7 year on again off again square between Pluto & Uranus is deconstructing all our antiquated social underpinnings & catalyzing revolutions at lightning speed due to the new SuperPower: Social Media Networks.... But it has been that Saturn Uranus Quincunx & the meeting of their rulers, Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (at 7 degrees) that recdently pulled the Alchemical Trigger & brought 200.000 protestors to Tahrir Square.

Let's call it a Revolution now regarding the Right Use of Political/Economic Will...

Nepturn & Chiron are still swimming in Piscean waters sending us healing energies & messages from Earth's Record Keepers, the Whales & the Dolphins....

So what is about to Shift as we move towards the 12.12.12 & 21.12.12. The upcoming Planetary Ceremonials that could allow us to Jump Time, Skip Dimensions, Quantum Leapfrog Over the Rainbow & perchance meet the Angel of the Presence, Face to Face???

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