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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Autumn Equinox Rosh Ha Shannah 5777

Good news for the autumn equinox when Sun enters Libra September 22.

Mercury finally goes sidereal direct on September 22, which should free up the internet and the planetary nervous system while communications (hopefully enter the harmonious zone once again). The big positive change following up has to do with Jupiter presently in Libra for a year and technically conjunct what is called "The Super Galactic Centre".  The Mayans gave every shot of their tequila to the Galactic Centre, but the Hebrews synchronize their cosmic calendar with the "Super Galactic Centre".   The Hebrew year 5777 seems to suggest that their is a very cosmic stargate is about to open this year and we need all the harmony that Jupiter and Libra can bring to this "chaotic node moment" that Tom Kenyon and the Hathors have been speaking about.  Up here in Canada we are extra-ordinary concerned with the political and economic destiny of our southern neighbours.  An I personally wish that my fellow Libran Gore Vidal were still alive and in the body and writing with incisive wit about the American political and economic situation.

But back to that Stargate and the upcoming Jewish new year, one of my Kabbalah Teachers (Johannah now documented in the Unicorn Messiah Novel which when read will introduce you to true authentic Kabbalah teachings) suggested that there were some years missing from the Hebrew Calendar count; Yes the number 777 does refer to a Stargate or a kind of cosmic shabbat, however what is missing from a six thousand year calendar is 233, the gematria for the Hebrew word 'regel' or 'spies' (lots of that going on, on the planet these days) and let's not forget that we have a few friends on the other side.  Like Rumi whose birthday was the 23rd of September, conjunct the Super Galactic Centre, so we need a download of cosmic music and dance on our planet for this year coming up with Jupiter in Libra.  We should never underestimate the trans-formative power of creative ceremonial.

I personally am looking for  a few more book launch opportunities for The Unicorn Messiah and may be heading to Vancouver, Victoria and Salt Spring Island soon for the Rosh Ha Shannah / Yom Kippur festivities in early October;  And maybe, just maybe on to Sedona for Sakkut the Hebrew holiday that honours the Ancestors. 

More on that in the next blog.  May you enjoy the Sun in Libra, Mercury turning direct and the sweet taste of the upcoming fall harvest.

Shalom, Shalom

Joseph Mark

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Full moon in Aquarius (at 26 degrees)

The Full Moon in Aquarius today is resonant with the Harmonic Convergence ceremonials of 17th of August 1987 which was a meditation celebrated worldwide (the largest in our recorded history) and began a series of vibrational upgrades for planet Earth that completed with Mayan Galactic Centre Ceremonials of December 21st 2012.  We have Jose Arguelles to thank for this Ceremonial Gateway that concluded a 5125 year cycle within the Mayan calendar.  That photograph you see of the rainbow over Kootenay Lake was one of 3 rainbows that appeared to grace ceremonials that took place at Queens Bay in 1987.  I still have crystals charged at that time.  The poem (above, from Aleph 2160 À Zodiac Oracle`) speaks of the `messengers` or angels that have been visiting our planet from various star systems during this `Galactic Centre Vibrational Infusion`.  There is still more to come leading up to a `grand finale` in the year 2033.

That `Resurrection of Lazarus` ( Eli- ezar... my divine helper...aka soul-mate) referred to in the poem speaks of the reawakening of what is termed: `The Divine Feminine` and we still have a long way to go with that one!  The integration of the new galactic frequencies penetrating the core of our Sun (Shemesh) might take a while!

What to do?  Try a little Sun gazing with closed eyes, but an open Pineal Gland.  This is our crystal radio receiver set for the new frequencies entering our solar system.

Have a beautiful full moon and keep holding (cherishing, embodying) the wild and alchemical vibrations.  Have a shot of Tequila if need be!




I still a few copies of The Unicorn Messiah to get 'out the door'!

You can read the Chapter on Egypt by going to the Egypt Gallery at

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Aleph Kallah Conference 2016

I have just returned from a divine journey to re-visit Boulder Colorado and attend the 2016 Aleph Kallah Jewish Renewal Conference in Fort Collins Colorado.  It has been many years since I participated in a Kallah gathering that bring together the finest teachers, artists and students of the Jewish mystical tradition.  The music and prayer at the Kallah goes beyond devotional into the realm of purely ecstatic!  I imagine that if you google "Aleph Kallah" you will fin many musical offerings available for purchase.  I chose not to be a shopkeeper at the 'Shuk' market.  However it brought me great joy to gift and sell some of my newly published 'Unicorn Messiah' books to those beings who are a part of my wild and mystical soul-tribe.  And a return to Boulder Colorado where I once choreographed a series of 4 weekend Kabbalah classes for advanced students was an absolute delight as well.  And going back to 1972 I was a young summer student at Naropa.  I claim that my former Tai-Chi teacher and friend Fredric Lehrman saved Naropa from bankruptcy that summer with a brilliant American ceremonial entitled: "Rolling in the Dough"!

The highlight for me from this post-conference visit  to Boulder was a six hour conversation with my friend Samuel Avital, founder of the Le Centre du Silence Mime and Kabbalah School.  I suggested to Samuel that if he would like to revisit Morocco with a small group of friends and students I would be more than happy to set up the tour.  (more about that one later)

The whole experience at the Kallah has regenerated me in many ways and impelled me to rekindle my own wild style of kabbalah teaching in seminar and retreat form.  The next offering is at my home, The Crystal Dome Retreat from September 1st to the 6th.  Just visit the CDR link for more information.

Happy Lammas new moon at 11 degrees of Leo on August 2nd.  I was not able to go or guide my annual tour to mystical Britain this year for personal reasons and circumstances beyond my control. However I can say that Ireland has been calling out to me in a strong way.  Got to go have a Guinness now!

May the Leprechauns be with you! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Solstice 2016

It has been some months since I have been able to attend to this blog as the copy and editing the final proof for 'The Unicorn Messiah' has taken precedence.  The good news is that I will have beautiful physical copies of the book available for purchase by early July.  And if you prefer an eBook that is available as well.  Just click on this link where you will be able to listen to a few of the wilder episodes as well.

I have most recently returned from a conference at Joshua Tree called 'Contact in the Desert'.  I have fond memories of Joshua Tree from some years back when I used to teach for 'Nine Gates Mystery School'.  Contact is considered to be one of the major UFO conferences in North America.  I suspect that David Wilcock was considered to be the keynote speaker of the conference.  My personal favourites were my friends Patty Greer who highlight her latest crop circle film, and Walter Cruttenden, author of 'The Last Star of Myth and Time".   

You will find interesting prophetic material in The Unicorn Messiah channeled by Yohannah some 40 years ago about our solar system's binary star relationship to Sirius.  Presently some of the best channeling regarding Sirius and the dolphins is found in the writings and teachings of Patricia Cori who was not invited to speak at 'Contact in the Desert' .   The presentation by Jim Mars might very well have been the most potent given his Texas cowboy delivery.  

My problem with the conference was the extraordinary heat-wave (over 100 degrees every day) and a volunteer staff who's primary agenda seemed to be the keeping of people of crashing events without the appropriate ticket.  There was also paucity of clean portable washroom facilities. (I was barred from one clean washroom as the volunteer was attempting to keep people from hijacking food from the dining hall. I suggested to her that her attitude and energy constituted "Elder Abuse".)  As a final insult I had enrolled for David Wilcock's 3 hour presentation on ascension on the final day of the conference and when I returned after a washroom break yet another volunteer demanded a ticket which had already been taken upon entrance.  Your correspondent `blew a fuse` and may never know what David has to say these days about ascension.  If I were the program director of this conference I would rename it "Contact on the Rocks" and move it next year to Sedona, Arizona.  PS, The most positive speaker at Contact was Gorden Asher Davidson author of, "The Transfiguration of Our World".  I trust you can google him.

I am very happy to be back at the Crystal Dome Retreat amidst my friends, the cedar trees and my on-site glacial waterfall.  You are invited to one in-depth experiential kabbalah retreat for 6 days around the labour day weekend and there is a children's shamanic music camp in the works, but the dates have not been chosen yet.  As far as an astrological report for the summer I will ask my friend Dan who is kindly typing up my blog today to do video for youtube on the summer transits.

Blessings and safe travels.  Joseph-Mark

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Scorpio 11.11 New Moon & The Global Village


some light years ago when this elder astrologer was in his twenties at York University enjoying the weekly seminars with a wild Irish cultural historian named William Irwin Thompson ( who mused about culture heroes at the border crossing between ages like Moses & Quetzalcoatl) I would drift over to U of T on Wednesdays to catch a class with Marshall McLuhan on James Joyce the Global Village... One of his pet & brilliant ideas was that Gutenberg printing press changed culture so that much that was esoteric became exoteric. And that every media created by human beings was an externalization of the human nervous system. He looked to see which medias were hot, which were cold & which ones dramatically altered the human nervous system. Television, according to MM
mangaged to break up the tradition of family dinners with post dinner music & fractured the human attention span down to 14 1/4 minutes the time between commercials. Next came channel surfing
as an attention span interrupter. I fancy that MM may be available pour moi along with Kryon and a few imaginary friends that I choose as humour filled guides & pundants..; So as I muse about the new
smart phone ear plugged urban human with an fractured attention span that falls between the cracks of each nano-second I hear the wisdom of another mentor of mine R.Murray Schafer (The Soundscape aka The Tuning of the World) reminding me of how jazz was born from the urban musician attempting to deal with the sound of car horns!

I have a friend who feels that the computer & Google is shinking down the Global Village to a pindrop & creating a new civilization of Netizens,,,, Yes.. on one level...on another it may likely be hijacked by the moghuls of big advertising & Zootube & Facebook may well further desensitize youthful generations into cyber friend pods of shared interests.... ( who may be in shock rather than delight upon finally physically meeting),,,  For an elder who loves children & is now turning to writing wry books for them ( if you would like a first draft of my new offering Star Buddha or know of a brilliant illustrator just e mail me at the idea of interacting via a computer or a cell phone lacks the human warmth of a hug & a bedtime story....

So what does all this do with astrological transits you may ask...Each new moon plants seeds into out collective cultural web and the most recent one at 19 degrees Scorpio 229th degree of the Zodiac
speaks of the space between the electron haze & the nucleus not being empty. Perhaps it is now filled by a sea of gamma rays raising the vibration of our dimensional perception. A scientest named Simon Atkins thinks so,,, Saturn is slowly moving through zodiacal Sagittarius which will likely make air travel more challenging ( that Russian plane that exploded over the Sinai may have been blown up by a planted bomb in the cargo placed by fundementalist Islamic nutcase who was offered a Sinai cybercave by a man named Morsi whom Obamaimagined might give Gaza a new piece of real estate...
but that is another story!)
Saturn will no doubt make webinar education across political borders much more available...
Meanwhile Neptune &  Chiron are still trolling through Pisces offering emotional healing to those who resonate with the water signs...
Uranus is still creating new sources of free energy in Aries but in an awkward & challenging quincunx aspect to the recent New Moon,,, We hear good news about a man who is travelling about offering free energy devices to assorted governnments & here in Canada my generation is ecstatic to see one Justin Trudeau as PM & pray that his dad Pierre Elliot Trudeau is whispering in his ear & suggesting that he dismantle the whole oil & tar sands sink hole & eco nightmare nurtured by former pm Harper.. This astrologer worked for PET in the sixties during Trudeau mania when it was honourable to have a Canadian flag on one's backpack..... Pierrre Elliott Trudeau was visionary enough to keep big oil companies from cracking up the arctic ice & killing whales & their eco-system!

Last but not least in the planetary picture we have Pluto at the 14th degree of Capricorn for the next few weeks. So I will close this run on blog cum rant with my poem for the 284th degree of the Zodiac from Aleph 2160: A Zodiacle available via e book at
and invite you to come with me for a magical week around the time of Rumi's wedding day celebration in Sedona AZ Dec.17

Here is that Plutonian micro poem:

all the earth quakes  high tides   washing over
earth island    mountain ranges   re-arranging themselves
Atlantis & Lemuria   re-emerging    all samurai
rendez-vous    one day  with tsunami
in this purification time    even      kadeeshay elyoneem
will be tried    in the cosmic fire......

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Virgo New Moon Rosh HaShannah 5776

I am scribing this post a few hours before the Virgo New Moon at 21 degrees of Virgo... one day before the commencement of Rosh HaShannah 5776. So before donning my astro-hat let me wish you a year filled with sweetness, light, joy & delightful surprises.. The internet is abuzz these days
with ominous talk about the upcoming Shemittah Year, the so-called  blood-moon in a fortnight & the imminent Gamma Ray Photon Wave that is reported to be a "game-changer" for life on Gaia or Adamah. Some folks envision dramatic earth changes {tectonic plate shifting & resultant volcanic activity... not to mention financial turmoil  & the resultant exposure of small c cabals & their creators}... while a growing number of "channels" are anticipating a tsunami of spiritual infusions that could propel sensitive souls all the way to the 5th Dimension or Beyond! The pundits & the cyberspace prophets are offering predictions & potentials that range from an eruption of Yellowstone,
currency colony collapse & concomitant chaos to the arrival of benevolent ETs & the seeding of the New Earth Frequencies! Not to mention a messianic initiative in the upcoming Shemittah Year....

So what does your Libran astrologer say about all of this... OK.. first it is time to throw out the trite images of those so-capped sabian symbols that a generation of young newbie astro acolytes tend to rely upon for their video blogs!
The 171st degree of the Zodiac yields the word Pnayel via Hebrew Gematria. The word translates as
"the face of God or the Divine Presence" The biblical Ya akov aka Jacob wrestled for a night with an angel named Pnayel sciatica from the wrestling but had his Pineal gland opened to an awareness of Cosmic Consciousness... So perhaps the year to come will offer something like that to us collectively! May we be inscribed in the Book of Life for a Year of Clearing of Karmic Impediments & Attainment of True Self-Realization! And may the prophet Eliyahu show up to clear the planet of 
assorted mischief & malfeance as well as corporate ecological agendas!  

Shana Tovah 5776 

and yes before the Sun enters Scorpio.. those who book a Kabbalistic Astrology session will receive the new Crop Circle Oracle Cards Ebook  plus this authors new offering for Star Kids & their astronished parents entitled  Star Buddha... just check out the e book section at

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Moon on Bloomsday & Beyond

June 17 2015

The recent new moon on June 16th at 25 degrees of Gemini was exactly conjunct Mars which adds some
gusto, bravado & ballast to the sphere of personal & even transpersonal communications this month.
I have recently channeled a book for Starkids & their hip but somewhat perplexed parents so I will be
taking this week leading up to the Summer Solstice on June 21st as a late spring seeding time for work that may not emerge from the creative wormhole ( so to speak) till the autumn. It is the Summer Solstice astrochart that is the significant one to source for hints for those who ask "what's happening Mahn?" Well the good news is the coming conjunction of Jupiter & Venus on June 30th at the 21st degree of Leo.. This feels like a big family celebration of some sort, a theatrical event, a financial windfall, a marriage ceremonial. Upon consulting Aleph 2160:A Zodiac Oracle ( finally available as an e-book, just click on that new e-book link) I gather that "the elders are calling a gathering together circle to meet "the messengers" & the voice of the Ancestors is whistling in our ears". This could be an intermittent phenomena happening all summer long!
(You can have a listen to the Leo sector audio version of A2160 by clicking the link at
my friend David Hickey was playing singing bowls & an occasional gong for this recorded version btw)
The particular gathering together circle that I am most looking forward to this summer is the summer lectures conference hosted by Steve & Karen Alexander in Devizes, Britain on the weekend of August 1 &2. This is their 10th anniversary conference & those who have been initiated via a crop circle experience will be there at this family gathering... And the elders will be " whistling in our ears " to be sure! I invite you to join me on this journey to Albion that includes a Roundtable astrology seminar in Glastonbury,   Steve & Karen's wonderful conference in Devizes & some sacred site earth grid exploring at Avebury, Marleborough & Tintagel. You will find the flyer for it at the "CropCircleOracleCards" button on
where you can also order decks for your star buddies!

May this summer bring us palpably closer to what my dear departed friend Roweena Kryder called the new earth.!!!

with blessings, joseph-mark
call 250-229-2227 for personal astrology readings/consults/channelings 
or to enroll for the July 11-17th: Astrology, Alchemy, Aromatherapy  retreat seminar at the Crystal Dome Retreat....