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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Strange Physics Part 1: Atomic Densities

I just watched this David Wilcock episode on Gaiam TV & he has a fascinating story about 2 fellows who come home drunk from a pub night in the UK in the 18th century & one of them gets called by a fairy circle into another space/time matrix.... That does seem to happen to many 21st century crop circle explorers who are not quite drunk on the new Synchronity Elixirs!

The full moon on Nov.17th occurs at the 26th degree of Taurus close to the Pleiades constellation. Nov.17th is celebrated by the Cherokee people as the anniversary of their arrival from the Pleiades with crystals nested in a cedar ark...

You can watch the Full Length Video here.

Let me share with you the degree poems from my Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle for 25/26 degrees of Taurus:

Everything we find is this garden
lies nested inside us
the whole time
All that is
is here now
under one canopy
for the sound
Of broken glass
under the hhatan's foot
listen for
the kallah's kiss
the whole earth trembles
as the mantle shifts
to a new
at the core
we are guests
throwing rice
at the shoreline
Of an unknown inland sea
wherever we journey
we return

Let us take you downstream.....
where two rivers flow
one another
each with its own separate channel
the rivers
of the living
And the dead
two pink river fresh water dolphins
leap from the dark
rio negro
You will hear the gnawing of piranhas
beneath the giant
lily pads

the echo
Of an Amazon
the hiss of the glistening
Transporting our Ancestors
from the Milky Way
in a dugout canoe........

well.... have a lovely full moon.....& if that Yakumama swallows you
just call on the angel of golden love-light



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sun Libra at the Fall Equinox, Sept.22, 2013

I  just returned from a short but sweet ceremony at my Crystal Zodiac Wheel in the cedars  & have friends arriving later tonight for a fall equinox gathering. While in Vancouver at Or Shalom for Yom Kippur, Rav Hillel gave a brilliant talk on the 3  GPS co-ordinates mentioned in the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation): Time, Space & Soul(neshamah) .... This short but potent treatise is the true source book for Kabbalistic Astrology. There are very few professional astrologers who know how to apply the SY teachings to astrology & I have only given courses occasionally, some years ago at the Aleph Kallah & the Open Center in NYC. The Sefer Yetzirah  teaches that there is one Hebrew letter associated with each sign of the zodiac, 7 letters connected to the planets & 3 Mother letters for the elements (Air, Water,Fire). Some kabbalists consider the closest festival to one's birthdate significant in reading the chart of the soul... My preferred method is to map the planets on to the Tree-of-Life chart & utilize the gematria for the degree of the planetary positions for in-depth meaning. What this reveals has been consistently revelatory for over 40 years! I am considering offering a Kabbalistic Astrology Training Seminar in 2014 on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Yes Malta was the naval center for Goddess culture but the tiny island of Comino offered a cave home for Rav Avraham Abulafia, where he scribed his numinous gematria coded meditation manuals. So just stay in touch if you would like to join such an adventure next spring!
The Planetary Picture as Sun enters Libra, let`s have a look: Moon is in Taurus  as I write, opposing Venus in Scorpio. This suggests that we will be busy this fall appraising the value of all our assets. I receive a handful of financial newsletters & the consensus is that the USA dollar is on the verge of a nosedive. Saturn & Uranus form a loose quincunx aspect from Scorpio to Aries for most of October. Kabbalistically, the rulers of Binah & Hhochmah are in a highly energized & somewhat paradoxical relationship. One could say that the left brain hemisphere could not fathom what the right hemisphere is doing!
Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on Oct.8th, The Sun conjuncts Saturn onNov.7th. Saturn is the god of karma in Greek mythology but the keeper of the gates of understanding &  wisdom within the Kabbalah.
These days will require an outpouring of compassion from our collective consciousness.  Uranus & Pluto are back in their tight square dance as the Sun transits Scorpio, so sudden earth & associated financial changes are likely. Time to redefine what true wealth is all about, one could say!
Mercury goes retrograde from Oct. 21st to Nov.11th in Scorpio so this is the ideal time to reconsider ecological & environmental initiatives. (the annual Bioneers Conference is Oct. 18-20th in San Rafael,California.) Our friend Jupiter, guardian of hhesed on the Tree-of-Life is still in Cancer, bringing soul families & tribal friends together to work on assorted local initiatives. Here in British Columbia a number of municipalities are petitioning the BC government to ban genetically modified foods & roadblock Monsanto. Now that is an example of the power of Jupiter in Cancer!
Mars & Venus are transiting Virgo & Sagittarius (Oct.15th & Oct. 8th  on) so the social planets are in adaptable mutable signs asking us to put our energies to practical & visionary projects. And there is a positive pulse from Arcturian guardians on Oct.17th  & 18th. Come Oct. 31st there is a Quincunx aspect between  Mars & Uranus in Scorpio & Aries so watch out for assorted monsters & mischief makers sporting Star-Trek phasars patrolling your neighbourhood in search of junk food!
(What they really want.... is to taste
your homemade Ecuadorian superfood
PS: All kabbalistic astrology consults/channelings this month will receive a bonus Crop Circle Oracle Card deck.  .Just call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail to book your session...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Earth Spirit Speaking Tube & KAN (Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter) Aug.24, 2013

Jose Arguelles spoke of a way of listening to Gaia/Adamah via what he called the telektonin, a method of attuning to messages emanating from the Earth or the Earth Grid directly into the heart/mind/nervous system of attentive Human Beings. Years ago, at the annual portal when Sun aligns zodiacally with the Galactic Centre, I climbed up atop Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona to charge a suite of alcohol bottles at one of my favourite Earth Grid Vortex sites. I chose to be in Sedona again at the more recent Dec.21st/2012 moment that was the closure for a 25.625 year cycle according to the Mayan calendar. My choice of sites for charging this elixir (brandy & tequila) was actually Red Rock Crossing (often a site for marriage ceremonials) & my favourite red rock outcropping at Rachel's Knoll. A few young music festival migrants recently visited my Crystal Dome home in the Kootenays & were the first to ask for a taste of this vibrational elixir. And I got out the telektonin elixir to spray over my crown chakra & begin a round of hopefully lucid dreaming!
The results are still pouring in & not always what you could call a pleasant experience. There is quite the buzz on the internet these days around an imminent Solar Flare (that could potential collapse the American electrical grid) & assorted apocalyptic & pseudo-scientific viewings of incoming comets & UFOs.
Let's call it Nibiru-itis!

I will enclose a few links pertaining to Crop Circle Messages that tend towards the sensational side at closure of this blog.
It is a useful to check out NASA's SpaceWeather or Mitch Battros's Earth Changes Report view when a CME will be glancing our planet's electromagnetic field & ruffling the feathers  of our aura.
I often carry magnetite with me so as to remember that which I like to remember when  a cme pulls the rug out from under our sandals, so to speak.   I particularily like the advice of Tom Kenyon's Hathors channeling that suggests that gratitude for small gifts of beauty, harmony & synchronicity is a good medicine for "chaotic node" times...

SYNCHRONICITY is the word I hear most this summer from friends in the UK & crop circle savants. So let's have a peak at the astrological transits as Sun enters zodiacal Virgo.(Aug.22nd) Mercury has just entered Virgo as well(23rd). The 25th is potent day with a Sun/Mercury conjunct at the 153rd degree of the zodiac (resonant with Bezalel: ark of the covenant fabricator in Hebrew & MM, Mary Magdelene in Greek gematria... see the 153 fishes mentioned in the Yohannine gospel) Venus in Libra is exactly opposed Uranus on the 26th of September. Mars enters Leo on the 27th & during this whole week we have what is called a Cardinal Fixed Cross or double opposition of Jupiter/Pluto (Cancer/Capricorn) & Venus/Uranus (Libra/Aries). Big cosmic & cultural changes & surprising new beginnings for those with planets 10-13 degrees of the cardinal signs.....

The Hebrew New Year, Rosh Ha Shannah 5774 is just around the corner at the Virgo New Moon on Sept.5th so we will have a deeper look into Kabbalistic Astrology in the next blog....
And for those of you who would like to have your KA tree-of-life chart cast & interpreted... that can happen in September...

I am enclosing a few wild crop circle videos for you to ponder.
The season in Britain is not yet over. I am looking for hosts for my Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar this fall (3 hour slide show)
& have a special offer happening for the Crop Circle Oracle Card Deck for orders that come in before Sept.5th.... This includes wholesale orders for shops as well. Just call me on 888-633-2214 or e-mail

with light, love & an early Shana=Tova!

now for those links I promised:

13 mile long Crop Circle in the Desert

CROP CIRCLE ¤ Avebury Trusloe - Wiltshire, UK ¤ July 7 2013

The Warnings Decoded from the Summer 2013 Crop Circles

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Water Water Water at the New Moon in Cancer July 8,2013

Well the floodgates of human emotion have been opened wide with this new moon & this month's Grand Trine in the Water Signs: Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces...( with the addition of Mars at the 5th degree of Cancer July 19,20 &21)
As I write this blog tonight, the environ of Toronto is experiencing a flash flood, Calgarians are still a tad waterlogged & my domeside glacial creek is a majestic polyphonic cascade of macro & micro waterfalls... I hear there is some bickering going on in Africa regarding the Nile River water-rights! And the tears of the people of Egypt could create a salt water lake in the desert tonight as I write... In Feb. 2012 I ventured out in the Sinai to visit a monk whom I have known for some years at the St. Catherines Monastery. The Egyptian Government & my tour operator had vetoed my stay there ( & a visit to Serabit el Hhadim as well) however my daytrip was heart-warming. My old friend, Father Justin suggested that Egyptians perhaps had something to learn from all the Russian tourists that were snorkling like human submarines  & smoking up a storm at Sharm el Sheikh. When I asked "what", he smiled & suggested that a Revolution takes a lot longer than a day, a week or a month to transpire.... My home is graced with photos, poofs & small treasures from Egypt &  I pray with all my heart that Ma'at, cosmic harmony, returns to guide the destiny of the people in the land of Mitzriyeem. A recent guest at the Crystal Dome was ranting about the  neurological dangers of those not-so-smart-meters & reminded me of the beautiful work of Ibrahim Karim, founder of Biogeometry. I believe he is living now in Canada near Montreal.
 Go ahead, just google him!

Here is a little poem from 
Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle 
for the degree of this new moon:

We are wilderness children  
belly-dancing  our sinuous Hathor rhythms
Round a golden calf  
mirage  remember the anger of Moshe
As our eyes withstood  
the Sinai vision then  
when we are ready
The temple is destroyed 
Let us surrender  
all images & versions
Of the Story  
all our amulets & talismans   
fetishes & chutchkas
Attachments & expectations  
to whatever  veils us from the truth....

OK, back to that Grand Trine. Jupiter ( & Mars as of July 14th) in Cancer should offer: a healing of the heart & a summer full of good music & extended tribal family gatherings. Saturn in Scorpio is a tap on the karmic shoulder from the Karma Lords... And a transmission on how exactly to let go of our attachments. A  scuba diving journey to underwater Asclepions.... Neptune in Pisces offers us a chance at dissolving karmic patterns that have been holding us hostage...( both personal & collective).

The guiding star this month is Sirius, presently in the duat, hidden from view , but preparing to rise with Sun & inundate the Nile. With the wisdom & compassion of Aset (aka Isis) at a time when our world needs it the most...

Asalem aleikum... Om shalom....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Earth Mysteries Travel & KAN Summer Solstice 19/06/2013

The exact moment of the Summer Solstice here in the Pacific Northwest is 10:04pm on the 20th of June this year. Given a rather soggy spring season, Cascadians & Kootenites are visualizing a sunnier summer! A very late spring in the UK has set the Crop Circle season back a few weeks & weakened the earth palette for our beloved inter-dimensional sacred geometry mandalas in the wheat fields. However, they will begin in earnest very soon.
So let me invite you right now to join me July 23-Aug.1 on our annual pilgrimage to UK megaliths, Glastonbury, Tintagel, the Devizes Summer Lectures, & the 2013 Crop Circles... ( just click on for details)

OK, the upcoming Astrological Transits.

The planet Jupiter is conjunct the Sun today as I am writing this blog at the 29th degree of Gemini. It is close to our present pole star Polaris, so a good day to meditate on unified field consciousness! I will wait till the stars are visible tonight & do a crystal meditation, Sufi style, to call in some healing vibrations for assorted Mideastern countries suffering from a fundamentalist sclerosis (Egypt, Turkey, Syria). Today is the birthday anniversary of one of my dearest teachers & meditation mentor, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. His sister died in the concentration camps & Pir Vilayat was a guide & mentor for a number of Jewish mystics in the 70s....

OK, back to astrology! Jupiter makes its grand debut entrance into zodiacal Cancer on the 26th of June. That day is blessed with a sweet grand trine in water: Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces, all in the 6th degree of their respective signs. So the 26th (also with moon in Aquarius & Mercury turning retrograde at 23 degrees of Cancer) is a pivotal turning point, a time for healing by water, an attuning to the tribal emotional healing vibrations. That said, on July 2nd, the Sun will be opposed Pluto, a day where we may see profound protests in Egypt ( against the Morsi gov't) & some financial shock-waves as well... The good news, you ask? Well Mars is conjunct the degree of our (binary) starmate Sirius.

( You can learn more about this via Walter Cruttenden's
Lost Star of Myth & Time & the channelings of Patricia Cori. Aboriginal teachings from Oz suggest that the whales & dolphins emigrated to our water planet aeons ago & might be ascending soon due to oceanic pollution!)

The planet Mars reaches the 6th degree of Cancer on July 21st when it is conjunct Jupiter. This is a great day for Music Festivals here in the Pacific NW. The Sun enters Leo on July 23rd.

I will post a day by day transit graph for July & August at in a week or so. I will available for telephone consults (1-888-633-2214, I am not Skyping these days) until July 18th & if you would like to participate in the  Astrology, Alchemy & Aromatherapy Seminar at the Crystal Dome Retreat July 11-17th, there are still 3 or 4 spaces available. (or in the UK at Tintagel: July30-Aug.1)

Wishing you the best for a harmonious summer!
blessings, Joseph-Mark

Monday, May 27, 2013

Earth Mysteries Travel Blog at the Gemini Solar Flare & Beyond.....

That full moon at 4 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius is going to barrage your inbox, your daytimer, your dreamcatcher & your nervous system with 1001 newsworthy items in the next fortnight so we will be as succinct as can be! Geminis & the planets  co-habiting the zodiac degrees thereof just love the juicy little details of elan vitale whereas Saggies go for grand philosophical metapatterning, the big magnetic fields that hold all particles in the grand array... And btw, solar flares that glance or ruffle our Earth's magnetic field tend to fray the human nervous system, confuse our migration routes & re-arrange the heart/mind circuitry.... So here are but a few new zodiacal mezza appetizers:

Sun, Mercury,Venus & Jupiter (until June 26) & Mars

(May 21-July 14) are all zooming thru  Gemini so unless you are on some Saturn in Scorpio scuba diving silence retreat your ears will be filled with gossip, your mind will be connecting all the dots & you will have a gzillion places to go & people to meet....

That full moon was square Neptune at 5 degrees (+) of Pisces. So that old Atlantian god of the seas will bring you dreams of polymorphously perverse ( apologies to Norman O Brown) dolphins & assorted aquatic hallucinations... The good news: a planetary mikvah, purification by Water....

Another exact squaring off of  Pluto in Capricorn versus Uranus in Aries...the pillaging of Earth's mineral resources vs. the release of the new infinite free energy Quantum Universe devices, aka Zero Point Energy... as we are being zapped with gamma rays & having our Planetary Assemblage Point shifted by the Galactic Shamans & Allies.... Just visit Mitch Battross's Earth Changes Media or for earthgrid gossip....

Ah, here is a little poem for the 5th degree of Sagittarius where the moon was nibbled at on May 25th... 

If you should detect   a quasar  tapping at your thymus gland
Or find a cloak
     like Elijah's     seamless garment         enveloping your field
From head to toe   know  that the mysteries of Adam Kadmon
Are as near as your larynx  whispering  dark matter
 thru our Universe
Permeating this 13.7 billion year old   burst 
                   of  hydrogen & helium     we call the Big Bang
Look at all the Machos   Wimps  axions & nutrinos
hiding in the Halo

To  get a new spin on our Omniverse, I am re-reading Walter Cruttenden's fascinating book: Lost Star of Myth & Time, which gathers all the data suggesting  we have a binary starmate & that the present Greek, Mayan & Astronomical myth of a 26.000 |( 25, 525, 25,920) year Galactic Orbit due to the tilt in the earth's axis is a cosmic misperception! 

( If you have your Crop Circle Oracle Card deck handy, meditate on card # 81 before reading about our StarMate, if not just go to to fetch one!)

Well, whether we are witnessing the Disappearance of the Universe ( as we knew it with 3d eyes & ears), climbing the dimensional staircase, being beamed up or just experiencing a few galactic speed bumps.....

I can invite you to join me on the upcoming July 23-Aug 2 tour to MYSTICAL BRITAIN to explore megaliths, Crop Circles & much more.... or come to the Pacific Northwest & be a guest at the Crystal Dome Retreat......

Here is your invitation to 2 upcoming summer intensive seminars at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Kootenay Lake, BC Canada.

The July 11-16 Astrology, Alchemy & Aromatherapy Seminar is truly magical & it will also be offered as a 3 day course entitled Merlin's Roundtable at Tintagel, Cornwall UK July 30-Aug.1 (fee is £300)

The August 22-27 Shamanic Kabbalah Retreat at the Crystal Dome is our annual summerschool. This retreat will be offered in Glastonbury UK  July 23-25 in the 3 day course format (fee is £300)  email to begin the registration process....

You are also invited to just come to the Crystal Dome this summer for B&B or a private retreat.... Click here (Crystal Dome Retreat) to learn more...
PS that is Keith Jarrett playing piano in the background..

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