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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Monday, December 3, 2012

12.12.12 & the Mayan Calendar Border Crossing

Dear Celebrants, Ceremonialists, Galactics,
 Starseeds, Starwalkers & Solar Initiates,

Many friends & astrological clients have asked me how I might be celebrating the
upcoming 12.12.12  & the Mayan Calendar Border Crossing. So many emails speculating
on assorted potential catalyst events have arrived concerning: Pole Shifting, Nibiru passage,
3 days of darkness, Dimensional Border Crossing, 5th Dimensional Access Codes, Sun to Earth
Birth Canal, 8 Minutes of Galactic Beam Infusion,Disclosure & Landing of ET Friends.....

I confess I am an old fashioned astrologer with a deep fascination with astronomy, star-lore, calenders, & zodiacal mythography... So what follows is how I intend to focus consciousness from Dec. 12th to Dec.23rd. Where I am planning to be at this time is a secret that only my closest soul friends  know!

The most potent astrological signature during this time involves an exact Yod or Finger of the Divine Formation involving Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter at the 9th degree of Scorpio, Capricorn & Gemini respectively.
 Yod formations are known to catalyze enhanced perception & conscious awareness of the Great Mystery.
So what may be happening in 3D physical plane reality & 5D Overself GPS, not to mention 4D dreaming may appear rather incongruent. All that is required of us is acceptance, surrender,love & gratitude, I imagine.

 I am inviting you to join me with these various attunements, meditations & ceremonials from wherever you may be. I have friends linking uo in Mexico (Chichen-Itza, Teotehuacan, Palenque, hopefully Coba) Tikal, ElMirador, Machu Pichu, Vilcabamba, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Boulder, Haleakala NYC, Giza, Jerusalem, Bali , Byron Bay, Avebury & Glastonbury to name just a few. Would be delighted to hear  from you where on Earth (or deep space)  you will be for this once-every 26.000 year turning point!!!

What follows is a day by day attunement on various individual stars & constellations beginning with the Pisces age which is closing, moving back in a time wave re-capitulation until we arrive at the Age of Aquarius, one day for each astrological age of approximately 2160 years.... Here goes:

Dec.12th, Pisces: the 12.12.12 will be celebrated at assorted sacred sites this year by many "spiritual" groups. In Kabbalistic symbolism the 12 is the letter Lamed, the turning point, the still point, the orbital reversal moment, the pause between in-breath & out breath, the turn to return. 12x30 is 360 the full circle. 12x12 is 144 the doors of perception, kedem.. that which is ancient, pre-eternal, a biquintile aspect in astrology of evolutionary creativity.
Being aware of the rather high spiritual ideals that the Piscean Age began with & the extraordinary subversion of these ideals by religions that went astray (or calcified into cruel dogma) this day is devoted to clear all subconscious & karmic belief systems to live in the multi-dimensional present moment, knowing the cosmos in the chaos, so to speak!
The star attunement would be to the Pegasus Constellation or to the star Achernar. The prayer or affirmation would have to do with releasing all our assorted addictions. You could call the 12.12.12 a great day for Planetary Ho-O-Pono-Pono !

Dec. 13th: Day 2 of the 12 Days of Light is symbolic of the Age of Aries which was often a time of tribal warfare. So this day the meditation concerns the resolution of tribal conflicts & frictions that have continued to rage on our planet right into the "nuclear" age. The new moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius speaks of the awakening of "superconscious mind" & the arrival of a higher Light (Or Elyon) at places of power on the Earth Grid (oracle 262 from Aleph 2160). The constellational attunement is to the Andromeda Galaxy. Rumour has it that Andromedans occasionally visit Earthlings in the form of a swirling blue pearl of iridescent light.

Dec.14th: Day 3 reminds us of the Age of Taurus which was a time of great megalithic building of stone temples & earth fertility celebrations at solstices, equinoxes, new & full moons. The constellation to attune to this day is the Pleiades & its primary star Alcyone. Tribal elders of the Mayan, Cherokee & Hopi all share stories of their star ancestors arriving from the Pleiades (reported in the Star Ancestor Legend books via Nancy Red Star)  This is a good day to initiate a series of crystal & sonic meditations & ceremonials along with indigenous Arts Festivals.

Dec.15th:  Day 4 brings us to the Age of Gemini & the theme involves language & the impact of "scriptures". This is the day that the 83 million people of Egypt are voting upon a controversial new constitution. Our star meditation could take us to the 3 stars of the  belt of Orion, Alnilam, Alnitak & Mintaka ( the rumoured home star of Zehhuti aka Thoth the Atlantean). There will no doubt be an activation at the Great Pyramid of Giza on this day. Our meditations could focus on the guidance of the Hathors ( see the ongoing channeling of Tom Kenyon ) for attaining non-dual states of consciousness this day & activating the KA body of Light...

Dec.16th: Day 5 is resonant with the zodiac sign Cancer & the Great Mother Goddess of the Mediterranean. The star attunement connects us to our neighbouring star Sirius (& also to Canopus). The Sirian star system has sent us peaceful & playful emissaries in the form of Whales & Dolphins so this day is an honouring of Gaia/Adamah's oceans & sea creatures who share our water planet. The idea here is to islands of light & pods of consciousness that can catalyze the New Earth...

Dec. 17th: Day 6 is directly connected to our Sun, Shemesh/Ra & resonant with the Age of Leo. The key star to attune to today/tonight is Regulus which has reached 0 degrees of Virgo (the Sphinx degree of the Zodiac) & speaks of the imminent opening of Earth's various "Halls of Records". These may be available today in the akasha realms & for time-travellers. The Moon Neptune conjunction today should help out today. There will be a deep pulsation of Love & Light emanating from Konya, Turkey where followers of Rumi will be spinning galactic this day. An intense Solar Flare is likely at this time, a Solar Heart Initiation.

Dec. 18: Day 7: Attunement this day to the interplay & balance between macrocosmic & microcosmic, individual & collective, human & divine worlds (so to speak). The Virgo Age (Archetype) has been mythologized by poets as the work of the beehive collective preserving honey. This day then becomes a celebration of the Healing Arts. Consider that stellar vibrations could serve as acupuncture treatments for the Earth Grid. Crop Circles might just be the visible result of this energy transmission. The theme of this day is how we are to be attuned Co-Creators (CCOC owners, meditate on cards 6.18.36 & 72 today) According to Maurice Chatelain, Cosmic Ancestors pinpointed a map of the Virgo Constellation in France where now we find cathedrals. This day is a good day to celebrate with overtone harmonic chanting in your favourite resonance chamber!

Dec.19th: Today is the day the Sun is at the zodiacal degree that resonates with the Galactic Centre. The star meditation connects us to the Arcturians today (Arcturus appearing in zodiacal Libra). You may want to attune to the vibration of your favourite Ascended Master (Tzaddik or Guru) today. (Perhaps Osho (a Sagittarian trickster if ever there was one) will send his devotees a message today) This is a good day to do a few Merkavah meditations & connect with Mettatron (aka Enoch).
The Earth may be experiencing a shuffling of its magnetic field today so Go Within & be centred in your heart of hearts.....

Dec. 20th:  The Scorpio era/mythos has to do with the Journey into & through the Underworld, a deep sea scuba diving adventure to discover hidden treasure. So this day is a day to retreat within the cave of the soul to make peace with one's personal & collective shadow energies. It is a great day for blessing & release ceremonials. There may be some adjustment of tectonic plates floating on the magma today. The moon conjunct Uranus in Aries throws us a lightning bolt of illumination, a zen satori... The star attunement is to our nearby neighbour, rumoured home of benevolent Watchers,
the Angels from Alpha Centauri.... Best to be a Buddha today!

Dec.21st: The Winter Solstice Sunrise in Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice in Southern) is the prophesied end of the Mayan Long count calendar & the beginning of a New Era of Peace & Harmony on Planet Earth.. The meditation is with the Sun as it aligns with the Galactic Plane. The human heart has always been the chalice for Unified Field Consciousness & Loving Connection with All Our Relations.  Wherever you may be geographically, the hour before sunrise is a key meditation portal time today.

Dec.22: The day after represents the symbolic era of Capricorn, rekindling the solar energy, the work of restoration & rebuilding after the lightning bolt of cosmic realization. The key star in the Capricorn sector of the Zodiac is Vega in Lyra. Vega was once the Pole Star & may be so again (as long as we don't get tipped or bumped again). In Egyptian mythology, Vega is known as the goddess Ma'at. She is the goddess of Cosmic Harmony & Harmonics. Rumour has it that the language of beings from Vega is pure music!

Dec. 23rd: The 12th & final initiation of the 12 Days of Galactic Light is a symbolic inauguration of the Age of Aquarius, not exactly the 70's rock opera version one!
The Aquarian Age that is palpable & in our hearts is an era planetary harmony, free energy, abundance & inter-dimensional & galactic communication that lifts the veil at the border crossings! The star meditation for this day/night is to the Cygnus constellation. Key stars are Deneb & Cygnus X-3, which you can learn more about by reading Andrew Collin's masterful book: The Cygnus Mystery.

I do not know yet how the Mayan elders will choreograph their upcoming inauguration ceremonial but I am sure it will be heartful & beautiful.

If you happen to be at one, do send us your report!

By all means share this e-mail on the 12 Days of Galactic Light & visit for further postings!
with blessings, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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