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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sun Libra at the Fall Equinox, Sept.22, 2013

I  just returned from a short but sweet ceremony at my Crystal Zodiac Wheel in the cedars  & have friends arriving later tonight for a fall equinox gathering. While in Vancouver at Or Shalom for Yom Kippur, Rav Hillel gave a brilliant talk on the 3  GPS co-ordinates mentioned in the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation): Time, Space & Soul(neshamah) .... This short but potent treatise is the true source book for Kabbalistic Astrology. There are very few professional astrologers who know how to apply the SY teachings to astrology & I have only given courses occasionally, some years ago at the Aleph Kallah & the Open Center in NYC. The Sefer Yetzirah  teaches that there is one Hebrew letter associated with each sign of the zodiac, 7 letters connected to the planets & 3 Mother letters for the elements (Air, Water,Fire). Some kabbalists consider the closest festival to one's birthdate significant in reading the chart of the soul... My preferred method is to map the planets on to the Tree-of-Life chart & utilize the gematria for the degree of the planetary positions for in-depth meaning. What this reveals has been consistently revelatory for over 40 years! I am considering offering a Kabbalistic Astrology Training Seminar in 2014 on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Yes Malta was the naval center for Goddess culture but the tiny island of Comino offered a cave home for Rav Avraham Abulafia, where he scribed his numinous gematria coded meditation manuals. So just stay in touch if you would like to join such an adventure next spring!
The Planetary Picture as Sun enters Libra, let`s have a look: Moon is in Taurus  as I write, opposing Venus in Scorpio. This suggests that we will be busy this fall appraising the value of all our assets. I receive a handful of financial newsletters & the consensus is that the USA dollar is on the verge of a nosedive. Saturn & Uranus form a loose quincunx aspect from Scorpio to Aries for most of October. Kabbalistically, the rulers of Binah & Hhochmah are in a highly energized & somewhat paradoxical relationship. One could say that the left brain hemisphere could not fathom what the right hemisphere is doing!
Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on Oct.8th, The Sun conjuncts Saturn onNov.7th. Saturn is the god of karma in Greek mythology but the keeper of the gates of understanding &  wisdom within the Kabbalah.
These days will require an outpouring of compassion from our collective consciousness.  Uranus & Pluto are back in their tight square dance as the Sun transits Scorpio, so sudden earth & associated financial changes are likely. Time to redefine what true wealth is all about, one could say!
Mercury goes retrograde from Oct. 21st to Nov.11th in Scorpio so this is the ideal time to reconsider ecological & environmental initiatives. (the annual Bioneers Conference is Oct. 18-20th in San Rafael,California.) Our friend Jupiter, guardian of hhesed on the Tree-of-Life is still in Cancer, bringing soul families & tribal friends together to work on assorted local initiatives. Here in British Columbia a number of municipalities are petitioning the BC government to ban genetically modified foods & roadblock Monsanto. Now that is an example of the power of Jupiter in Cancer!
Mars & Venus are transiting Virgo & Sagittarius (Oct.15th & Oct. 8th  on) so the social planets are in adaptable mutable signs asking us to put our energies to practical & visionary projects. And there is a positive pulse from Arcturian guardians on Oct.17th  & 18th. Come Oct. 31st there is a Quincunx aspect between  Mars & Uranus in Scorpio & Aries so watch out for assorted monsters & mischief makers sporting Star-Trek phasars patrolling your neighbourhood in search of junk food!
(What they really want.... is to taste
your homemade Ecuadorian superfood
PS: All kabbalistic astrology consults/channelings this month will receive a bonus Crop Circle Oracle Card deck.  .Just call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail to book your session...

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