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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Earth Spirit Speaking Tube & KAN (Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter) Aug.24, 2013

Jose Arguelles spoke of a way of listening to Gaia/Adamah via what he called the telektonin, a method of attuning to messages emanating from the Earth or the Earth Grid directly into the heart/mind/nervous system of attentive Human Beings. Years ago, at the annual portal when Sun aligns zodiacally with the Galactic Centre, I climbed up atop Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona to charge a suite of alcohol bottles at one of my favourite Earth Grid Vortex sites. I chose to be in Sedona again at the more recent Dec.21st/2012 moment that was the closure for a 25.625 year cycle according to the Mayan calendar. My choice of sites for charging this elixir (brandy & tequila) was actually Red Rock Crossing (often a site for marriage ceremonials) & my favourite red rock outcropping at Rachel's Knoll. A few young music festival migrants recently visited my Crystal Dome home in the Kootenays & were the first to ask for a taste of this vibrational elixir. And I got out the telektonin elixir to spray over my crown chakra & begin a round of hopefully lucid dreaming!
The results are still pouring in & not always what you could call a pleasant experience. There is quite the buzz on the internet these days around an imminent Solar Flare (that could potential collapse the American electrical grid) & assorted apocalyptic & pseudo-scientific viewings of incoming comets & UFOs.
Let's call it Nibiru-itis!

I will enclose a few links pertaining to Crop Circle Messages that tend towards the sensational side at closure of this blog.
It is a useful to check out NASA's SpaceWeather or Mitch Battros's Earth Changes Report view when a CME will be glancing our planet's electromagnetic field & ruffling the feathers  of our aura.
I often carry magnetite with me so as to remember that which I like to remember when  a cme pulls the rug out from under our sandals, so to speak.   I particularily like the advice of Tom Kenyon's Hathors channeling that suggests that gratitude for small gifts of beauty, harmony & synchronicity is a good medicine for "chaotic node" times...

SYNCHRONICITY is the word I hear most this summer from friends in the UK & crop circle savants. So let's have a peak at the astrological transits as Sun enters zodiacal Virgo.(Aug.22nd) Mercury has just entered Virgo as well(23rd). The 25th is potent day with a Sun/Mercury conjunct at the 153rd degree of the zodiac (resonant with Bezalel: ark of the covenant fabricator in Hebrew & MM, Mary Magdelene in Greek gematria... see the 153 fishes mentioned in the Yohannine gospel) Venus in Libra is exactly opposed Uranus on the 26th of September. Mars enters Leo on the 27th & during this whole week we have what is called a Cardinal Fixed Cross or double opposition of Jupiter/Pluto (Cancer/Capricorn) & Venus/Uranus (Libra/Aries). Big cosmic & cultural changes & surprising new beginnings for those with planets 10-13 degrees of the cardinal signs.....

The Hebrew New Year, Rosh Ha Shannah 5774 is just around the corner at the Virgo New Moon on Sept.5th so we will have a deeper look into Kabbalistic Astrology in the next blog....
And for those of you who would like to have your KA tree-of-life chart cast & interpreted... that can happen in September...

I am enclosing a few wild crop circle videos for you to ponder.
The season in Britain is not yet over. I am looking for hosts for my Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar this fall (3 hour slide show)
& have a special offer happening for the Crop Circle Oracle Card Deck for orders that come in before Sept.5th.... This includes wholesale orders for shops as well. Just call me on 888-633-2214 or e-mail

with light, love & an early Shana=Tova!

now for those links I promised:

13 mile long Crop Circle in the Desert

CROP CIRCLE ¤ Avebury Trusloe - Wiltshire, UK ¤ July 7 2013

The Warnings Decoded from the Summer 2013 Crop Circles

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