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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Full Moon in Leo on St. Valentine's Day 2014

Well, the Chinese call it the Year of the Wooden Horse & a few contrarian western astrologers have a hunch it might prove to be a Trojan Horse with some big surprises in store once we cross the true starting gate at Spring Equinox. In the mean time we have a gadfly Mercury presently retrograde in Aquarius not turning direct till March 1st.
Jupiter in Cancer is sparring with Pluto in Capricorn so the guru of the tribal feminine family is rallying forces to deal with the oligarchy, the small c cabal, the banksters & the potent assortment of malefic & catabolic influences afoot on terra infirma... One planet that could tip the scales in favour of the feminine at present is Mars, yes Mars now at 26 degrees (+ a micron) of Libra, doing his best to negotiate between the devil & the deep blue sea. Here is the poem this astrologer wrote a few years ago for the 26th degree (206) of Libra:

     if you should find  a seer  a friend
     born with the gift   of sight
     or a celestial mirror   a woman
     who reads the seasons
     & the signs   who can divine
     the fine line between  what was  what is  & what will be
     if you choose it   make it your own
     design yourself a task belonging to no other
     make an arrangement     a great Tikkune
     a restoration of the primordial   order of things
     singing in a new vision   ben ha Olam haBa
     through the worm-hole    in the beginning
     was the word davar    doorway thru emptiness-form....

well that doesn't sound like Nostradamus, does it?

Mars will turn retrograde on March 2nd & doesn't enter Scorpio till July 26th.... so just keeping one's balance & sense of humour is the task at hand, or so it seems.....

OK, the full moon tomorrow on Vday is at the 27th degree of Leo, close enough to be considered conjunct to the star Regulus, referred to as the Ruler's Staff in Genesis. I call star-beings with that star prominent in their birth chart, the time-line keepers....
So, just for fun... here is a chanelling from the Reguleans... apported from The Unicorn Messiah (novel to published this year )

"We are the Reguleans. And you are the ones who seem to need a few new galactic rules & regulations! We are the spies... the ra--gli--yeem. You might try
but you cannot lie to us.  We know all your secrets. We know what you have hidden from yourself & why. We know who you were before you fell asleep, 13000 years ago. We hold the keys & codes that you will open or will open you once again when the star Regulus reaches zero degrees Virgo in your year 2013. Come with us through the corridors of time. Be still as the Sphinx gazing out at the horizon. Lie like a lizard sunbathing on a hot rock. We will teach you all there is to know. We are the Reguleans.  It is time to arise ( or ascend as you say) We are here to deliver your wake-up call. Come with us... it is time...."

The condensed version....
Time to become a Sovereign Human Being....

So choose your Valentine wisely, live long & prosper & have the best day ever!

PS: Yes, but just until the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, this astrologer is offering a 2 for the price of 1 on Synastry or Relationship Chart Consulting. Call 250-229-2227  or e mail to book....

Oh, & remember to chant Ah or Ah-Ha-Va-Ra-Ba at noon or sunset or at 3:53 Pacific time  tomorrow, Feb.14th

Blessings, Joseph-Mark

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