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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014

re Retrogrades,  Stillpoints
& Magnetic Moments...

The recent Summer Solstice featured 4 planets presently in retrogradation , appearing to be moving backwards against the zodiac from our earthly vantage point. As follows: Mercury, retrograde at 28th degree of Gemini until it goes direct on July 2nd, entering  Cancer on July 13th.
Saturn, retrograde at 17 degrees of Scorpio in a tight quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries, turning direct on July  20th but still in that "tight quincunx" through much of August. That Q is like the Star Trek character who used to drop in to  challenge the crew with his capacity for time-travel, remote viewing & dimensional hopping! Both Aries & Scorpio are ruled by feisty Mars. It looks like  the sabre- rattling over the Ukraine (& Crimea) will continue between Putin & Obama for a few weeks yet. (There was a very dangerous turning point just before the June 12th full moon. Whatever was going on then rankled this Sun Neptune in Libra astrologer's nervous system)
Neptune is retrograde at the 8th degree of Pisces (the 7th for August, the 6th for Sept., the 5th for Oct. & appears to resume its Piscean sea-troll mid November).
These degrees of the zodiac are about exploring the underworld, karmic backdrops, Atlantean technologies & migration routes etc... Scientists have recently discovered a vast ocean of fresh water under Earth's tectonic plates that your local plastic water bottle company won't have any access to!

Last, but not least Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn all summer long until shortly after the Fall Equinox at erev Rosh HaShannah...If you own a copy of this author's epic gematria oracle Aleph 2160. best to check out degrees 281-285. These are high drama degrees! Soon Aleph 2160 will be available as an e book so you can order it directly at Tree of Life School some months before
 "The Great Transmutation" 

What  follows are a few links to summer events at Crystal Dome Retreat & your invite to the annual UK Crop Circle Journey with Merlin's Roundtable Retreat at Tintagel...

May your summer bring you joy & beauty in a time when many ecological dangers & potential disasters are in the news. Here is an adapted blessing for Gaia-campers: Sleep light & don't let those aliens byte!

with blessings, Joseph-Mark

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  1. nice to hear from you again JOSEPH. Wishing you all the best.