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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From New Moon conjunct Andromeda to the Wesak full moon....

The recent New Moon at 28degrees of Aries was close to conjunct the zodiacal position of our neighbouring sister constellation Andromeda...

Many years ago I met a man who had been contacted by one of those beautiful blue shapeshifting creatures who had inspired him to compose some haunting & transporting music! So with the lens of harmonic astrology I sent a posting out to 40 fellow astrologers about the hidden 7th harmonic aspects nested in the New Moon chart. The Sun/Moon was bi-septile Jupiter & septile Neptune. Pluto was bi-septile the Sun/Moon as well. Venus & Neptune were squaring one another in mutable signs (Gemini &Pisces) which is a good aspect for musical creativity. This astrologer had the good fortune to study harmonics with both John Addey & Charles Harvey some light years ago & they proved to me that the 7th harmonic has to do with both mystical & musical enlightenment.  Now coming up in a few days, May 3rd to be precise, we have the full moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio, for the celebration of Wesak, a mythic marriage of the overtone harmonics of heart & mind... Here is the zodiacal degree poem for the full moon position from my Aleph 2160 A Zodiacal Oracle:  

in the beginning  is the wind  vibrating 

within the breath    all things   begin to dance 
within the dance    each form    emits a tone
each sonic signal    emanating    harmonics     
each one a microtron  dipped      in the well of Hhanohh 
each tone  begins to spin    in the beginning    is the Wind  

Well that wind is ruahh breath spirit in Hebrew & Hhanonhh is known as Enoch the one who became Mettatron & ascended after a full 360 year incarnation... (lots of new age channels out there claiming to channel METTATRON these days!)
So for the upcoming full Wesak moon , best to breath  from your Buddha belly & listen up for the big spiritual  windstorm that is about to blow our way! Could be a gathering of eagles about to land!  JMC's promo this month: have a look at the invite to Gozo (May 17-25th) & send an e-mail to 

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