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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Moon at the Border Crossing

The Feb.17 New Moon straddles the border between Aquarius & Pisces. This is the border between invention & imagination, technology & magic, envisioning & romaticising. There is a fair bit of Nasrudin contraband attempting to smuggle or snuggle its way through this border crossing this month as the Sun enters Pisces! New Agers are looking for the keys to the GATE ( Great Ascension Transporter Energy) will old agers just want to know where they put the car keys. It all depends upon the frequency one is vibrating at & the hold that past-life or former star system karma has upon us! Each of the planets has an influence & a dance partner in this month's upcoming theatre project or hidden carnival. Mercury has gone direct so what was lost can now be found. Venus enters Aries on Feb. 21st to add some adventure & gambling to the mix.Mars enters Aries on Feb.20th so these two lovers will be doing an intense tango for about a week. Jupiter is retrograde in Leo at the potent 15th degree that points to assorted political machinations. Saturn is trolling through the 5th degree of Sagittarius in a grand trine to Mars&Venus so you may be bitten by the travel bug this month.The Sun conjuncts Neptune on Feb.26th which is a fabulous day for lucid dreaming, scuba diving, film-making or soul-memory healing....Last but not least Pluto is at the 15th degree of Capricorn pulling the rug out from under our current planetary electrical magnetic grid. Here is what the Aleph 2160 Zodiac Oracle has to say about this degree:

at the sunset of an aeon
when the compass wavers
& floats
remember Vega
the Spinning Maiden
arranging the steps of RA
you can call it heads or tails
When the Awakener meets the Dissolver
will the poles

So what pray tell does that mean, JMC? Well we are diving into deep karmic waters & at the threshold of a major Planetary Initiation. About the time that the Sun conjuncts Uranus on April. 6th we will all feel it !!! ( Sun conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, trine Jupiter, the 3rd day of Passover, day after Easter, with the moon in karma lord ruled Scorpio Quincunx the Sun/Uranus conjunction) If you would like to join my annual Passover/ Easter Retreat , likely in Sedona this year just e-mail me personally at will be a potent & transformational time! And be sure to have a look at the upcoming Shamanic Kabbalah week on Gozo at the heart of the Mediterranean Goddess May 17-24th. Many blessings, great love & safe travels,,,, Joseph-Mark

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