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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Scorpio 11.11 New Moon & The Global Village


some light years ago when this elder astrologer was in his twenties at York University enjoying the weekly seminars with a wild Irish cultural historian named William Irwin Thompson ( who mused about culture heroes at the border crossing between ages like Moses & Quetzalcoatl) I would drift over to U of T on Wednesdays to catch a class with Marshall McLuhan on James Joyce the Global Village... One of his pet & brilliant ideas was that Gutenberg printing press changed culture so that much that was esoteric became exoteric. And that every media created by human beings was an externalization of the human nervous system. He looked to see which medias were hot, which were cold & which ones dramatically altered the human nervous system. Television, according to MM
mangaged to break up the tradition of family dinners with post dinner music & fractured the human attention span down to 14 1/4 minutes the time between commercials. Next came channel surfing
as an attention span interrupter. I fancy that MM may be available pour moi along with Kryon and a few imaginary friends that I choose as humour filled guides & pundants..; So as I muse about the new
smart phone ear plugged urban human with an fractured attention span that falls between the cracks of each nano-second I hear the wisdom of another mentor of mine R.Murray Schafer (The Soundscape aka The Tuning of the World) reminding me of how jazz was born from the urban musician attempting to deal with the sound of car horns!

I have a friend who feels that the computer & Google is shinking down the Global Village to a pindrop & creating a new civilization of Netizens,,,, Yes.. on one level...on another it may likely be hijacked by the moghuls of big advertising & Zootube & Facebook may well further desensitize youthful generations into cyber friend pods of shared interests.... ( who may be in shock rather than delight upon finally physically meeting),,,  For an elder who loves children & is now turning to writing wry books for them ( if you would like a first draft of my new offering Star Buddha or know of a brilliant illustrator just e mail me at the idea of interacting via a computer or a cell phone lacks the human warmth of a hug & a bedtime story....

So what does all this do with astrological transits you may ask...Each new moon plants seeds into out collective cultural web and the most recent one at 19 degrees Scorpio 229th degree of the Zodiac
speaks of the space between the electron haze & the nucleus not being empty. Perhaps it is now filled by a sea of gamma rays raising the vibration of our dimensional perception. A scientest named Simon Atkins thinks so,,, Saturn is slowly moving through zodiacal Sagittarius which will likely make air travel more challenging ( that Russian plane that exploded over the Sinai may have been blown up by a planted bomb in the cargo placed by fundementalist Islamic nutcase who was offered a Sinai cybercave by a man named Morsi whom Obamaimagined might give Gaza a new piece of real estate...
but that is another story!)
Saturn will no doubt make webinar education across political borders much more available...
Meanwhile Neptune &  Chiron are still trolling through Pisces offering emotional healing to those who resonate with the water signs...
Uranus is still creating new sources of free energy in Aries but in an awkward & challenging quincunx aspect to the recent New Moon,,, We hear good news about a man who is travelling about offering free energy devices to assorted governnments & here in Canada my generation is ecstatic to see one Justin Trudeau as PM & pray that his dad Pierre Elliot Trudeau is whispering in his ear & suggesting that he dismantle the whole oil & tar sands sink hole & eco nightmare nurtured by former pm Harper.. This astrologer worked for PET in the sixties during Trudeau mania when it was honourable to have a Canadian flag on one's backpack..... Pierrre Elliott Trudeau was visionary enough to keep big oil companies from cracking up the arctic ice & killing whales & their eco-system!

Last but not least in the planetary picture we have Pluto at the 14th degree of Capricorn for the next few weeks. So I will close this run on blog cum rant with my poem for the 284th degree of the Zodiac from Aleph 2160: A Zodiacle available via e book at
and invite you to come with me for a magical week around the time of Rumi's wedding day celebration in Sedona AZ Dec.17

Here is that Plutonian micro poem:

all the earth quakes  high tides   washing over
earth island    mountain ranges   re-arranging themselves
Atlantis & Lemuria   re-emerging    all samurai
rendez-vous    one day  with tsunami
in this purification time    even      kadeeshay elyoneem
will be tried    in the cosmic fire......

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