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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Solstice 2016

It has been some months since I have been able to attend to this blog as the copy and editing the final proof for 'The Unicorn Messiah' has taken precedence.  The good news is that I will have beautiful physical copies of the book available for purchase by early July.  And if you prefer an eBook that is available as well.  Just click on this link where you will be able to listen to a few of the wilder episodes as well.

I have most recently returned from a conference at Joshua Tree called 'Contact in the Desert'.  I have fond memories of Joshua Tree from some years back when I used to teach for 'Nine Gates Mystery School'.  Contact is considered to be one of the major UFO conferences in North America.  I suspect that David Wilcock was considered to be the keynote speaker of the conference.  My personal favourites were my friends Patty Greer who highlight her latest crop circle film, and Walter Cruttenden, author of 'The Last Star of Myth and Time".   

You will find interesting prophetic material in The Unicorn Messiah channeled by Yohannah some 40 years ago about our solar system's binary star relationship to Sirius.  Presently some of the best channeling regarding Sirius and the dolphins is found in the writings and teachings of Patricia Cori who was not invited to speak at 'Contact in the Desert' .   The presentation by Jim Mars might very well have been the most potent given his Texas cowboy delivery.  

My problem with the conference was the extraordinary heat-wave (over 100 degrees every day) and a volunteer staff who's primary agenda seemed to be the keeping of people of crashing events without the appropriate ticket.  There was also paucity of clean portable washroom facilities. (I was barred from one clean washroom as the volunteer was attempting to keep people from hijacking food from the dining hall. I suggested to her that her attitude and energy constituted "Elder Abuse".)  As a final insult I had enrolled for David Wilcock's 3 hour presentation on ascension on the final day of the conference and when I returned after a washroom break yet another volunteer demanded a ticket which had already been taken upon entrance.  Your correspondent `blew a fuse` and may never know what David has to say these days about ascension.  If I were the program director of this conference I would rename it "Contact on the Rocks" and move it next year to Sedona, Arizona.  PS, The most positive speaker at Contact was Gorden Asher Davidson author of, "The Transfiguration of Our World".  I trust you can google him.

I am very happy to be back at the Crystal Dome Retreat amidst my friends, the cedar trees and my on-site glacial waterfall.  You are invited to one in-depth experiential kabbalah retreat for 6 days around the labour day weekend and there is a children's shamanic music camp in the works, but the dates have not been chosen yet.  As far as an astrological report for the summer I will ask my friend Dan who is kindly typing up my blog today to do video for youtube on the summer transits.

Blessings and safe travels.  Joseph-Mark

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