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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Autumn Equinox Rosh Ha Shannah 5777

Good news for the autumn equinox when Sun enters Libra September 22.

Mercury finally goes sidereal direct on September 22, which should free up the internet and the planetary nervous system while communications (hopefully enter the harmonious zone once again). The big positive change following up has to do with Jupiter presently in Libra for a year and technically conjunct what is called "The Super Galactic Centre".  The Mayans gave every shot of their tequila to the Galactic Centre, but the Hebrews synchronize their cosmic calendar with the "Super Galactic Centre".   The Hebrew year 5777 seems to suggest that their is a very cosmic stargate is about to open this year and we need all the harmony that Jupiter and Libra can bring to this "chaotic node moment" that Tom Kenyon and the Hathors have been speaking about.  Up here in Canada we are extra-ordinary concerned with the political and economic destiny of our southern neighbours.  An I personally wish that my fellow Libran Gore Vidal were still alive and in the body and writing with incisive wit about the American political and economic situation.

But back to that Stargate and the upcoming Jewish new year, one of my Kabbalah Teachers (Johannah now documented in the Unicorn Messiah Novel which when read will introduce you to true authentic Kabbalah teachings) suggested that there were some years missing from the Hebrew Calendar count; Yes the number 777 does refer to a Stargate or a kind of cosmic shabbat, however what is missing from a six thousand year calendar is 233, the gematria for the Hebrew word 'regel' or 'spies' (lots of that going on, on the planet these days) and let's not forget that we have a few friends on the other side.  Like Rumi whose birthday was the 23rd of September, conjunct the Super Galactic Centre, so we need a download of cosmic music and dance on our planet for this year coming up with Jupiter in Libra.  We should never underestimate the trans-formative power of creative ceremonial.

I personally am looking for  a few more book launch opportunities for The Unicorn Messiah and may be heading to Vancouver, Victoria and Salt Spring Island soon for the Rosh Ha Shannah / Yom Kippur festivities in early October;  And maybe, just maybe on to Sedona for Sakkut the Hebrew holiday that honours the Ancestors. 

More on that in the next blog.  May you enjoy the Sun in Libra, Mercury turning direct and the sweet taste of the upcoming fall harvest.

Shalom, Shalom

Joseph Mark

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