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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Full moon in Aquarius (at 26 degrees)

The Full Moon in Aquarius today is resonant with the Harmonic Convergence ceremonials of 17th of August 1987 which was a meditation celebrated worldwide (the largest in our recorded history) and began a series of vibrational upgrades for planet Earth that completed with Mayan Galactic Centre Ceremonials of December 21st 2012.  We have Jose Arguelles to thank for this Ceremonial Gateway that concluded a 5125 year cycle within the Mayan calendar.  That photograph you see of the rainbow over Kootenay Lake was one of 3 rainbows that appeared to grace ceremonials that took place at Queens Bay in 1987.  I still have crystals charged at that time.  The poem (above, from Aleph 2160 À Zodiac Oracle`) speaks of the `messengers` or angels that have been visiting our planet from various star systems during this `Galactic Centre Vibrational Infusion`.  There is still more to come leading up to a `grand finale` in the year 2033.

That `Resurrection of Lazarus` ( Eli- ezar... my divine helper...aka soul-mate) referred to in the poem speaks of the reawakening of what is termed: `The Divine Feminine` and we still have a long way to go with that one!  The integration of the new galactic frequencies penetrating the core of our Sun (Shemesh) might take a while!

What to do?  Try a little Sun gazing with closed eyes, but an open Pineal Gland.  This is our crystal radio receiver set for the new frequencies entering our solar system.

Have a beautiful full moon and keep holding (cherishing, embodying) the wild and alchemical vibrations.  Have a shot of Tequila if need be!




I still a few copies of The Unicorn Messiah to get 'out the door'!

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