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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Monday, May 27, 2013

Earth Mysteries Travel Blog at the Gemini Solar Flare & Beyond.....

That full moon at 4 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius is going to barrage your inbox, your daytimer, your dreamcatcher & your nervous system with 1001 newsworthy items in the next fortnight so we will be as succinct as can be! Geminis & the planets  co-habiting the zodiac degrees thereof just love the juicy little details of elan vitale whereas Saggies go for grand philosophical metapatterning, the big magnetic fields that hold all particles in the grand array... And btw, solar flares that glance or ruffle our Earth's magnetic field tend to fray the human nervous system, confuse our migration routes & re-arrange the heart/mind circuitry.... So here are but a few new zodiacal mezza appetizers:

Sun, Mercury,Venus & Jupiter (until June 26) & Mars

(May 21-July 14) are all zooming thru  Gemini so unless you are on some Saturn in Scorpio scuba diving silence retreat your ears will be filled with gossip, your mind will be connecting all the dots & you will have a gzillion places to go & people to meet....

That full moon was square Neptune at 5 degrees (+) of Pisces. So that old Atlantian god of the seas will bring you dreams of polymorphously perverse ( apologies to Norman O Brown) dolphins & assorted aquatic hallucinations... The good news: a planetary mikvah, purification by Water....

Another exact squaring off of  Pluto in Capricorn versus Uranus in Aries...the pillaging of Earth's mineral resources vs. the release of the new infinite free energy Quantum Universe devices, aka Zero Point Energy... as we are being zapped with gamma rays & having our Planetary Assemblage Point shifted by the Galactic Shamans & Allies.... Just visit Mitch Battross's Earth Changes Media or for earthgrid gossip....

Ah, here is a little poem for the 5th degree of Sagittarius where the moon was nibbled at on May 25th... 

If you should detect   a quasar  tapping at your thymus gland
Or find a cloak
     like Elijah's     seamless garment         enveloping your field
From head to toe   know  that the mysteries of Adam Kadmon
Are as near as your larynx  whispering  dark matter
 thru our Universe
Permeating this 13.7 billion year old   burst 
                   of  hydrogen & helium     we call the Big Bang
Look at all the Machos   Wimps  axions & nutrinos
hiding in the Halo

To  get a new spin on our Omniverse, I am re-reading Walter Cruttenden's fascinating book: Lost Star of Myth & Time, which gathers all the data suggesting  we have a binary starmate & that the present Greek, Mayan & Astronomical myth of a 26.000 |( 25, 525, 25,920) year Galactic Orbit due to the tilt in the earth's axis is a cosmic misperception! 

( If you have your Crop Circle Oracle Card deck handy, meditate on card # 81 before reading about our StarMate, if not just go to to fetch one!)

Well, whether we are witnessing the Disappearance of the Universe ( as we knew it with 3d eyes & ears), climbing the dimensional staircase, being beamed up or just experiencing a few galactic speed bumps.....

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PS that is Keith Jarrett playing piano in the background..

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