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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Earth Mysteries Travel & KAN Summer Solstice 19/06/2013

The exact moment of the Summer Solstice here in the Pacific Northwest is 10:04pm on the 20th of June this year. Given a rather soggy spring season, Cascadians & Kootenites are visualizing a sunnier summer! A very late spring in the UK has set the Crop Circle season back a few weeks & weakened the earth palette for our beloved inter-dimensional sacred geometry mandalas in the wheat fields. However, they will begin in earnest very soon.
So let me invite you right now to join me July 23-Aug.1 on our annual pilgrimage to UK megaliths, Glastonbury, Tintagel, the Devizes Summer Lectures, & the 2013 Crop Circles... ( just click on for details)

OK, the upcoming Astrological Transits.

The planet Jupiter is conjunct the Sun today as I am writing this blog at the 29th degree of Gemini. It is close to our present pole star Polaris, so a good day to meditate on unified field consciousness! I will wait till the stars are visible tonight & do a crystal meditation, Sufi style, to call in some healing vibrations for assorted Mideastern countries suffering from a fundamentalist sclerosis (Egypt, Turkey, Syria). Today is the birthday anniversary of one of my dearest teachers & meditation mentor, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. His sister died in the concentration camps & Pir Vilayat was a guide & mentor for a number of Jewish mystics in the 70s....

OK, back to astrology! Jupiter makes its grand debut entrance into zodiacal Cancer on the 26th of June. That day is blessed with a sweet grand trine in water: Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces, all in the 6th degree of their respective signs. So the 26th (also with moon in Aquarius & Mercury turning retrograde at 23 degrees of Cancer) is a pivotal turning point, a time for healing by water, an attuning to the tribal emotional healing vibrations. That said, on July 2nd, the Sun will be opposed Pluto, a day where we may see profound protests in Egypt ( against the Morsi gov't) & some financial shock-waves as well... The good news, you ask? Well Mars is conjunct the degree of our (binary) starmate Sirius.

( You can learn more about this via Walter Cruttenden's
Lost Star of Myth & Time & the channelings of Patricia Cori. Aboriginal teachings from Oz suggest that the whales & dolphins emigrated to our water planet aeons ago & might be ascending soon due to oceanic pollution!)

The planet Mars reaches the 6th degree of Cancer on July 21st when it is conjunct Jupiter. This is a great day for Music Festivals here in the Pacific NW. The Sun enters Leo on July 23rd.

I will post a day by day transit graph for July & August at in a week or so. I will available for telephone consults (1-888-633-2214, I am not Skyping these days) until July 18th & if you would like to participate in the  Astrology, Alchemy & Aromatherapy Seminar at the Crystal Dome Retreat July 11-17th, there are still 3 or 4 spaces available. (or in the UK at Tintagel: July30-Aug.1)

Wishing you the best for a harmonious summer!
blessings, Joseph-Mark

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  1. Hi Joseph-Mark,

    Thanks for sharing once again! Where can I find out more about the Aboriginal teachings regarding dolphin/whale ascension? I live by the beach here in Byron Bay, Aus and there are dolphins and whales everywhere at the moment! It's absolutely beautiful. Today when I went for a surf two dolphins came within 3 meters of me! Just brilliant! Would be sad to see these radiant beings move on. Any further info on this would be very appreciated.