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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Water Water Water at the New Moon in Cancer July 8,2013

Well the floodgates of human emotion have been opened wide with this new moon & this month's Grand Trine in the Water Signs: Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces...( with the addition of Mars at the 5th degree of Cancer July 19,20 &21)
As I write this blog tonight, the environ of Toronto is experiencing a flash flood, Calgarians are still a tad waterlogged & my domeside glacial creek is a majestic polyphonic cascade of macro & micro waterfalls... I hear there is some bickering going on in Africa regarding the Nile River water-rights! And the tears of the people of Egypt could create a salt water lake in the desert tonight as I write... In Feb. 2012 I ventured out in the Sinai to visit a monk whom I have known for some years at the St. Catherines Monastery. The Egyptian Government & my tour operator had vetoed my stay there ( & a visit to Serabit el Hhadim as well) however my daytrip was heart-warming. My old friend, Father Justin suggested that Egyptians perhaps had something to learn from all the Russian tourists that were snorkling like human submarines  & smoking up a storm at Sharm el Sheikh. When I asked "what", he smiled & suggested that a Revolution takes a lot longer than a day, a week or a month to transpire.... My home is graced with photos, poofs & small treasures from Egypt &  I pray with all my heart that Ma'at, cosmic harmony, returns to guide the destiny of the people in the land of Mitzriyeem. A recent guest at the Crystal Dome was ranting about the  neurological dangers of those not-so-smart-meters & reminded me of the beautiful work of Ibrahim Karim, founder of Biogeometry. I believe he is living now in Canada near Montreal.
 Go ahead, just google him!

Here is a little poem from 
Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle 
for the degree of this new moon:

We are wilderness children  
belly-dancing  our sinuous Hathor rhythms
Round a golden calf  
mirage  remember the anger of Moshe
As our eyes withstood  
the Sinai vision then  
when we are ready
The temple is destroyed 
Let us surrender  
all images & versions
Of the Story  
all our amulets & talismans   
fetishes & chutchkas
Attachments & expectations  
to whatever  veils us from the truth....

OK, back to that Grand Trine. Jupiter ( & Mars as of July 14th) in Cancer should offer: a healing of the heart & a summer full of good music & extended tribal family gatherings. Saturn in Scorpio is a tap on the karmic shoulder from the Karma Lords... And a transmission on how exactly to let go of our attachments. A  scuba diving journey to underwater Asclepions.... Neptune in Pisces offers us a chance at dissolving karmic patterns that have been holding us hostage...( both personal & collective).

The guiding star this month is Sirius, presently in the duat, hidden from view , but preparing to rise with Sun & inundate the Nile. With the wisdom & compassion of Aset (aka Isis) at a time when our world needs it the most...

Asalem aleikum... Om shalom....

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