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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Oct.23 2014

It has been a few months since this astrologer has put out a blog...
The reason: a very intense Rosh Hashannah holiday period that included the passing of my dear Aquarian dad, Barry Cohen (1922-2014) combined with a dental/neurological challenge that has gone on for months paralleling that Pluto square & retro square & returning square to this Libran Astrologer's Sun. I have been engaged in a deep meditation on some of my most beloved spiritual friends & have come to the realization that most of them are now on the other side of the veil! So when I say kaddish for my dad I also say kaddish for two beloved rabbis who have crossed over recently: Rav Meir Michel Abehsera & Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi who nurtured a whole new generation of Jewish Renewal teachers into being & circulation. So there are many friends in diverse places that I wish to visit & share with once again. Another dear friend & lifelong inspiration, Roweena Pattee Kryder has also recently crossed over. Her art, her visionary wisdom & her way with sacred geometry has inspired many sensitive souls to follow the "artist's way".
The result of my meditations is a tishuvah or re-turning to the soul work of sharing the deepest level of wisdom teaching from the Kabbalah & putting the astrological career & the promoting of the Crop Circle Oracle Card deck on the back burner. I am also intent upon finally publishing my juicy kabbalah teaching or should I say "evesdropping" novel The Unicorn Messiah . I am contemplating putting together a "webinar " on the 22 fire letters/ cosmic physics formulae of the Hebrew Alphabet & including the reading of assorted episodes of the Unicorn Messiah as curriculum for the webinar. And if you would to do it in person... I can invite you for a retreat during Hanukah Dec.17-22 in Sedona Arizona. (send an email to for that)

OK, back to that Eclipse on the first degree of Scorpio the will have us scuba diving our soul records & re-trieving mis-placed parts of self from the dreamtime all month long. What follows is the poem for the 1st degree of Scorpio from my astro-epic poem ( now available as an e-book) Aleph 2160:

in the beginning was the word  hadavar & all it contains what happens 

Creation  Light reflecting in a mirror  nutrinos spinning to the right

Secrets of the 42 letter Name   we are flying like eagles   sunblind
through a blizzard

(with zero point vision)  sages are counting backwards   skipping stones
searching space

to know  when Adam is created   sleeping with Adamah  divining
the codes   touching

The face of the first New Moon   this morning of day Six
reflecting light contains it all.....

So as I interpret it, it is time now to shine a laser light into the chasm of what has been created personally, socially, collectively, ecologically & environmentally on our dear planet of choice that is undergoing a radical
diminishment of its protective electro-magnetic field. ( Just google Mitch Battross to learn more about that!)

The good news: The New Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Venus which means that new sources of wealth are about to emerge or be found ( in sunken pirate ships??)that likely have to do with scalar waves & the new free energy Zero Point physics. It has been said of Scorpios ( the sun ones & the moon in scorpio as well) that they can walk into a pawn shop & discover treasure unbeknownst to the keeper of the shop!  So this month is a great time for assessing where one's true wealth & real treasure is hiding....
The dangerous days this coming month are November 9th-13th when Mars will be conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn & squaring Uranus in Aries.
This square dance is tres dangerous & could lead to a trembling of our tectonic plates & our shaky economic systems. Consider the metaphor to be a volcanic eruption from beneath the ocean floor! Or maybe yet another remnant of Atlantis will be discovered, a giant pyramid on the ocean floor or soma secret government underwater casino! Watch your favourite esoteric news source for this one!

One more key date: Nov.17th when Sun conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. That one feels like a heart to heart chat with the Lords of Karma on a day when the Cherokee would be celebrating their arrival from the Pleiades with crystals in a cedar ark... wherever your ancestors came from, remember them & the gifts they shared with you on Nov.17th....

That's all for now, folks.... happy scuba diving!

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