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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shamanic Kabbalah Webinar 2015

Shamanic Kabbalah Webinar beginning January 25, 2015
12 2 hr. sessions, Sundays
noon to 2pm Pacific Time Zone

This is your invitation to participate in a rare experiential Webinar: A 12 week seminar series with each webinar being 2 hours long so lots of time for experiential interaction in a group limited to, you guessed it, 22 particiipants. You will recieve a full suite of pdf books from including my recently edited novel the Unicorn Messiah.
participants will be busy & the webinars will be juicy & experiential....
It is best that we have some telephone contact, perhaps a tree of life journey via telephone as a prelude to the Webinar. Cost will be $30 per webinar & the earlier you register the more tiime you will have to prepare for the Journey.....
So send me an e mail or give me a call before the Winter Solstice & you will receive a seasonal gift to get you started!
Here is the outline for the 12 sessions & it may change based on your feedback:

1) The 22 Hebrew Fire Letters / Autiot
2) Gan Ayden via Shemanic Kabbalah
3)The Gematria Codes & Harmonics
4)Abulafian Sound Healing Vowel Grids
5)Mettatronics & the Shem72 Healing Codes
6)Star-of-David Crystal Sound Meditations
7) The Cosmic Shabbat
8) Hhashmal, Bio-energetics & Shamanic Healing
9) Shehhinah  & Sheba
10)Tree of Life Light-Body-Activations
11)  Merkavah Journeys
& the Chariot of Consciousness
12) Kabbalistic Astrology & the Lammed Wheel

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