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monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

monks pond, Glastonbury Abbey

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Aleph Kallah Conference 2016

I have just returned from a divine journey to re-visit Boulder Colorado and attend the 2016 Aleph Kallah Jewish Renewal Conference in Fort Collins Colorado.  It has been many years since I participated in a Kallah gathering that bring together the finest teachers, artists and students of the Jewish mystical tradition.  The music and prayer at the Kallah goes beyond devotional into the realm of purely ecstatic!  I imagine that if you google "Aleph Kallah" you will fin many musical offerings available for purchase.  I chose not to be a shopkeeper at the 'Shuk' market.  However it brought me great joy to gift and sell some of my newly published 'Unicorn Messiah' books to those beings who are a part of my wild and mystical soul-tribe.  And a return to Boulder Colorado where I once choreographed a series of 4 weekend Kabbalah classes for advanced students was an absolute delight as well.  And going back to 1972 I was a young summer student at Naropa.  I claim that my former Tai-Chi teacher and friend Fredric Lehrman saved Naropa from bankruptcy that summer with a brilliant American ceremonial entitled: "Rolling in the Dough"!

The highlight for me from this post-conference visit  to Boulder was a six hour conversation with my friend Samuel Avital, founder of the Le Centre du Silence Mime and Kabbalah School.  I suggested to Samuel that if he would like to revisit Morocco with a small group of friends and students I would be more than happy to set up the tour.  (more about that one later)

The whole experience at the Kallah has regenerated me in many ways and impelled me to rekindle my own wild style of kabbalah teaching in seminar and retreat form.  The next offering is at my home, The Crystal Dome Retreat from September 1st to the 6th.  Just visit the CDR link for more information.

Happy Lammas new moon at 11 degrees of Leo on August 2nd.  I was not able to go or guide my annual tour to mystical Britain this year for personal reasons and circumstances beyond my control. However I can say that Ireland has been calling out to me in a strong way.  Got to go have a Guinness now!

May the Leprechauns be with you! 

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